Professional Development

People who invest in their own development are more highly engaged in their work, are more productive and enjoy greater job satisfaction here at Missouri State University.

乐虎官网网站We encourage you to utilize the resources available to support your unique needs.

Learning opportunities can be accessed through My Learning Connection.

Learning Opportunities

Most learning opportunities can be accessed through My Learning Connection.


FERPA, HIPAA, Campus Security Authority, Mandated Reporter, Equity and Diversity Training

Computer skills

乐虎官网网站Word 2016, Excel 2016, Powerpoint, Office 365, Blackboard


乐虎官网网站Workshops, Conferences and Special Events


Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning


Banner Time Approval, P-Card

Human resources

Hiring, Legal and Effective Search, Applicant Tracking System, Benefits


University Staff AmbassadorsBear Connection Mentoring Program

Professional development

Certified Administrative Professionals

Supervisory training

MSU LEAD, Performance Management, Appraisal and Development Plan Resources, Applicant Tracking, Banner Time Approver

Wellness and fitness programs

Weight Watchers, Foster Recreation Center,

Debbie M. Donnellan

乐虎官网网站Assistant Director Human Resources-Organizational and Talent Development

Delores Joyce

Organizational and Talent Development Specialist

John W. Vaughan

乐虎官网网站Assistant to Coordinator of Organizational and Talent Development, Part-time

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