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About Missouri State

Students on campus with the PSU Bear in the background.

乐虎官网网站When you stand up.

When you have the world's attention.

乐虎官网网站When you have your chance to be heard.

What statement will you make?

This question is central to the positive impact we make in our state and beyond. With it, we empower students and campus community members to become global citizens who influence society for the better.

System overview

乐虎官网网站Missouri State University is a public university system with students who come from all over Missouri, the nation and the world.

乐虎官网网站We are a close-knit community of passionate and steadfast learners committed to ethical leadership, cultural competence and community engagement. Those are the pillars of the university’s unique public affairs mission, granted to us by the Missouri General Assembly.

乐虎官网网站The system has four physical campuses — three in Missouri and one in Dalian, China — and an outreach program for any time, any place learning.


The main campus in Springfield

乐虎官网网站Offering two-year associate's degrees

Focusing on fruit science and agriculture research

Take classes any time, anywhere

乐虎官网网站In partnership with Liaoning Normal University

Students in the system






We empower our students to see the world differently and to follow their paths with integrity.

Annual campus community service hours


Excellent academics

Get the education you want

We’re committed to cultivating well-rounded citizens who are prepared to lead full, successful lives. Students who come to Missouri State find robust programs across seven academic colleges and the Graduate College.

We're classified as a doctoral university. Read stories and watch videos about how faculty work with students to dissect, analyze, innovate and discover.

Bachelor's programs


170+ options

Master's programs


98 options

Doctoral programs



About our students

乐虎官网网站Passionate. Engaged. Positive. Innovative. Welcoming. That's how people describe our student body.

First-time, new in college students


Transfer students


International students on the Springfield campus


乐虎官网网站When students graduate, they transition into life as ready, able professionals who can address the world's most pressing issues.

The fundraising arm of the university has raised more than $325 million and created more than 1,400 student scholarships.


乐虎官网网站Our students often say they feel like they're part of something bigger, because they are.

Missouri State's traditions乐虎官网网站 bring the entire campus community together with alumni and other friends to create a shared pride in the university.

Student-athletes in our intercollegiate athletics program are leaders on and off the field. Exemplary coaches and support staff provide them with mentorship they'll carry with them for the rest of their lives.


A diverse workforce

Faculty and staff draw from the Public Affairs mission's three pillars to inspire, advise and mentor students.

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